York powered by 100% Renewable Energy by 2050.

is a grassroots citizens' organization dedicated to moving toward a


Our vision for York is a healthy, thriving community powered by affordable, clean, renewable sources of energy – a community where our children and grandchildren can grow and thrive without the perils of a warming planet.

Technological advances in solar, wind, and hydro generation coupled with emerging technologies in carbon capture, batteries, hydrogen fuels, bio-fuels and fusion power will transform this vision to reality. Our specific campaign goal is to secure a commitment from the citizens of York to use electricity generated by 100% clean renewable sources by 2030, with conversion of heating and transportation sectors to 100% clean renewable energy sources by 2050. When a community-wide commitment is secured York Ready for 100% will support local government and state efforts to transition York to a vibrant, sustainable green economy. You are welcome to join our campaign.

We are affiliated with a nation-wide Sierra Club initiative (Readyfor100). The Sierra Club initiative is designed to motivate individual communities to commit to using renewable energy sources for all energy use community-wide by specific target dates.

We accept the scientific consensus that the warming of our planet, caused by excessive greenhouse gases, poses an existential threat to humanity. Our priority is to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere by eliminating the burning of fossil fuels wherever possible.