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**Please note** Due to COVID related restrictions, we do not have any planned events at this time. 

Wednesday, January 15th: 6-9pm
Combating Climate Change – Maine Strategies and Initiatives – Politicians and Energy Office


Friday, December 13th: 7pm
Great Turning Part 2

Join local historian James Kences as he continues his engaging review of the history of hydrocarbons and their extraordinary presence in almost every aspect of modern life. This is the second of Mr. Kences’s two-part research report and discussion of fossil fuels and how they became an engine of our civilization. He writes, “An understanding of the history of the climate hypothesis… eventually led to an awareness of the “Greenhouse Effect,” and to the role of carbon dioxide in retaining the sun’s heat. We now know of the fragility of the climate and the multiple inter-connections, and of the resemblance to falling dominoes. Each part of the great puzzle was assembled by a systematic gathering of evidence. Knowledge of how and when that evidence first took form will be the subject of my presentation.”


Friday, November 22nd: 7pm
Fossil Fuels: How did we get here?

History is an excellent teacher. Please join us for what is sure to be a stimulating conversation with local historian, James Kences, who has been asking: How and when did our dependence on fossil fuels begin? How is it that petroleum, coal, and natural gas are such major features in our lives? Mr. Kences will talk about his research on the long history of hydrocarbons and how fossil fuels became an engine of our civilization. Everyone is welcome to the discussion of “The Great Turning from the Hydrocarbon Age: Progress Vs. the Devil’s Bargain.” The event will be in the Library’s Community Room and is sponsored by York Ready for 100%. Everyone is welcome; refreshments will be available.


Tuesday, November 12th: 7-9 pm
Handprints Over Footprints

The Positive Effects of Handprints

We often hear about our negative impact on Earth, our environmental footprint. But footprints are only half the picture. The other half, “Handprints Over Footprints: Upgrading Our Lives and Benefiting Others,” will be discussed by Gregory Norris, PhD, on Tuesday, November 12 at 7 PM in the Community Room at York Public Library. The event is co-sponsored by First Parish Church, Congregational, and York Ready for 100%.

Dr. Norris is a global leader in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (the study of footprinting) and was recognized by TIME magazine as someone who would “change the world.” He is chief scientist at the International Living Future Institute, teaches at Harvard and is co-director of the Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise at MIT. He lives in Cape Neddick.

Handprints have been called “a powerfully encouraging idea,” and are based on the notion that our actions to improve our environment can be shared with family, friends, a community, a region. Even small changes, such as the composting efforts among members of First Parish Church and at the York High School cafeteria are already spreading to York neighborhoods. A simple example provided by Greg Norris is the purchase of an LED lightbulb to lower one’s power usage, and then the gift of a light bulb to a friend, who repeats the gesture. The effort becomes a “handprint,” which can be repeated again and again, eventually reducing the size of our carbon footprint and improving our climate and life on Earth. Handprinting offers an opportunity to enhance and maximize what we give back to the Earth and each other.

Dr. Norris will explain our environmental footprint – what it means and where it comes from, and the power of individuals and organizations to create handprints that will become large enough and spread broadly enough to affect some of our greatest environmental challenges. As he points out, “you have way more power than you think.”

York Public Library is at 15 Long Sands Road. All Library, Church and York Ready for 100% events are free, and there will be refreshments; all are welcome. For more information, see or

Friday, November 8th: 6:30 pm
Tomorrow – All across the globe solutions already exist.

A documentary film showcasing alternative and creative ways of viewing agriculture, economics, energy and education. As well as constructive solutions to act on a local level to make a difference on a global level. Presented by York Land Trust and sponsored by York Ready for 100%.

Meet Molly Agrimson a member of AmeriCorps

Molly Agrimson is a member of AmeriCorps working as an energy efficiency coordinator for the town of York. This year she will be focused on four main projects.

The first is that she will be going into the homes of low-income families and making behavioral and technical changes to their living area promoting energy efficiency, such as installing insulated window inserts and changing their lightbulbs to LED. She will also be holding two window build events where she will be working with a company called Window Dressers and creating the insulated window inserts. For this, she will need a group of volunteers to help at each build. In addition, she will be planning two green job fairs and two energy efficiency education events.

She just moved here from Portland, Oregon and recently graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in environmental sociology. She is still trying to get to know the area, so if you have any additional resources or contacts that you feel may interest her, please feel free to contact her at

Friday, October 25 at 7pm

Movie: “Burned – Are Trees the New Coal?”

The acclaimed movie “Burned – Are Trees the New Coal?” will be shown on Friday, October 25, at 7 PM in York Public Library’s Community Room. This stunning film reveals the controversy over the power industry’s destruction of vast forests for fuel, calling trees a “renewable” resource. Burning wood sends carbon into the atmosphere while destroying a forest’s ability to sequester carbon and protect wildlife. The film is offered by York Ready for 100%, a group of local citizens advocating for clean renewable energy. All YRF100% and Library events are free and open to the public. The Library is at 15 Long Sands Road, and there will be refreshments.


Tuesday, August 6 at 7pm

World Expert on Wind Power Will Talk in York

Professor Habib Dagher, one of the world’s foremost experts on capturing energy from wind, will talk at York High School Auditorium on Tuesday, August 6, at 7 PM. Dr. Dagher is the Executive Director of a major wind technology laboratory at the University of Maine at Orono. Over the last 10 years his team has developed floating wind turbine technology to harness wind power over deep ocean waters. He will talk about the technology and a demonstration project in the Gulf of Maine and the advantages of wind power to the state. The event is offered by York Ready for 100%, a citizens’ group advocating for clean, renewable, affordable energy. For more information see yorkreadyfor100 or; for information about Dr. Dagher, see


Saturday, July 27 at 10am

With our co-sponsor, The York Land Trust, we will be hosting an Electric Vehicle Fair. This will take place from 10AM to 1PM at the York Land Trust building on Rt 91 – just before Birch Hill Rd heading west. This is your opportunity to drive several different electric vehicles, speak to EV owners, and learn about all things EV (including federal/state tax credits, charging stations, etc).


Friday, June 14 at 7pm

Solar Energy: Basics, Affordability and Possibilities for York

Looking for information about solar power? Find answers at a discussion of sunlight as a source of clean, renewable energy. Jerry Robock, a founder of Northeast Smart Energy (CT) and now a Kittery resident, will lead a program on solar energy on Friday, June 14, at 7 PM at York Public Library. He will explain how solar installations convert sunlight to energy, utility billing, potential costs and savings, and solar installations that might be possible in York. The program “Solar Energy: Basics, Affordability and Possibilities for York” is offered by York Ready for 100%, a citizens’ group that advocates for clean, renewable, affordable energy.
The Library is at 15 Long Sands Road. All YRF100 events are free and offer refreshments. For more information, see or

Friday, May 10 at 7pm

“Paris to Pittsburgh” is an outstanding National Geographic film about the effects of climate change on Americans and how we are acting to prevent catastrophe. The film focuses on the Paris Agreement and the determination of the people of the City of Pittsburgh to live up to the goals of the agreement, despite withdrawal by the United States. Offered by York Ready for 100%, the film will be shown on Friday, May 10, at 7 PM at the York Public Library. There will be discussion and refreshments; everyone is welcome. The Library is at 15 Long Sands Road.

Friday, June 14 at 7 pm

details coming soon