On Tuesday, July 14, York voters will be asked to approve three critical climate/energy initiatives:

 ARTICLE 23​: A request for funding to develop a ​Climate Action Plan.

ARTICLE 22: A request to fund a ​Staff Position to Support Sustainability Initiatives.

ARTICLE 80​: A request to ​lease the Witchtrot Road landfill to a developer for the construction and operation of a solar array that will power electric generation for York’s municipal buildings.

The Climate Action Plan ​will ​provide evidenced-based measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preventative measures to address the negative outcomes of climate change. The plan will demonstrate how York will adapt and improve its resilience to climate hazards that impact the town today as well as risks that may increase in the coming years.

Your ​YES vote on ​Article 23 will insure York is a healthy, thriving community powered by affordable, clean, renewable sources of energy.


The Staff Position to Support Sustainability Initiatives ​will more than pay for itself. Funds from the state, private and federal grants and incentive programs are available only to towns that can actually develop climate action programs – work that requires a full-time energy and climate specialist who not only knows the field, but who appreciates the urgency of the issue and the need to work with community groups and individuals to identify the best actions for the families, businesses, environment, and future of our town.

Your ​YES vote on ​Article 22 will fund this position which is ​essential to developing the Climate Action Plan.


A Solar Array on the Witchtrot Road Landfill Site will provide power for York’s schools and other municipal buildings, thus reducing operational costs for taxpayers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions community-wide.

Your ​YES vote on ​Article 80 to lease the landfill to a solar developer will allow this project to go forward.


These three ballot questions will allow significant progress toward clean, renewable energy and a more secure future for York.

Please give them your green light to Articles #22, #23, and #80.


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